Bike Wheel Covers fit all adult bicycles

No matter whether it's a mountain bike, a road bike, a city cruiser, BMX, a fixie or any other kind. Bike Wheel Cover all bikes regardless of wheel size thanks to its innovative design and flexible fabric

Protect your car interior

Don`t worry about getting your car messy, we got you Covered. Our bike wheel covers keep dirt, water, stains away from your precious car floor, and protect your interior from scratches

Suitable for wall bike racks

Storing your ride on a bike rack? Our bike wheel cover leaves the top of the frame uncovered, so you can use it with your rack mounting. Besides, the stretchy fabric allows propping up your bike on a kickstand quick and seamlessly


I loved how these guys handled my order!  I bought helmet 1 year ago, but it's still in great condition! Recommend the store!

Leonard Kast(DE)

My order was late, buy I got a call from John(co-founder) of the store and he added a few accessories for free! I wish every store had this kind of vibe! 

Jeff Kravinsky

Bought the "Multi Tool" for the bottom bracket, love the product, I carry it in my bike everyday!

Giuseppe R.
MTB Clothing

What to wear when mountain biking?

A mountain bike looks very different from a road bike, so it only makes sense that the rider would, too.

There’s no law against wearing clingy road shorts or baggy hiking shorts when you ride beyond the pavement. But you’ll enjoy time on your mountain bike a lot more if you have clothing and protective gear that fits what, how and where you ride.

Protection is key, too. Whether your riding approach is cautious or audacious, you’ll want ample coverage to protect you from the hazards of brush, branches, roots, and rocks. 


The 'must have' MTB products

Familiarise yourself with most wallet-worrying MTB gear poised to land in the new year, with our handy guide.

Go on, admit it – there are few things better than planning your next bike-related purchase. Whether it's as simple as a new pair of gloves, or an all-singing, all-dancing new enduro sled, shiny newness never gets old.With that in mind then, here's our pick of the products set to tickle the shopping baskets come the new year.



Couldn't find your product? 
Email us at support@mtbsports.net the product description, we'll contact our suppliers and get back to you with our offer!

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